Quantum Mechanics I

Fall 2006

Good job, everybody! Have a nice break.

Solution to the take-home final posted

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Class Schedules
Lectures: Mon Wed Fri 9:00-10:00 60 Evans
Discussion sections: Tue 2-3pm in 3 Evans, Wed 3-4pm in 385 LeConte
Homeworks: weekly, due Fridays, 4pm. Click here for the info on the drop-off box.
Exams: one Midterm, one Final
Instructor: Hitoshi Murayama
E-mail: murayama at physics.berkeley.edu
Phone: 2-1019 (no voice machine), 486-6659 (LBNL, with voice machine)
Office: 411 LeConte, 50A-5104D (LBNL)
Office Hours: Fridays, 10-12 am
TA: Sourav K. Mandal
E-mail: Sourav.Mandal at berkeley.edu
Phone: emails preferred
Office: 254 LeConte
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-2 pm, Wednesdays 2-3 pm
Reader: Yiping Ma
E-mail: Yiping at berkeley.edu
Phone: 529-5822
Office: D21 Hearst Field Annex
Office Hours:

137AB or equivalent

Course Outline
It more or less follows the first five chapters of Sakurai. In case any additional material is covered, I'll post lecture notes or relevant articles online.
Useful textbooks

Relevant Articles and Books

Homework and Exam Problems
Lecture Notes
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Computing Issues

  • You will be using Mathematica to solve some of the problems. PANIC cluster has a license for more than ten processes, and socrates has an unlimited license. A student license can be purchased from The Scholar's Workstation at $134, a hefty discount for PCs and Macs from the regular academic price of $895.

  • To use Mathematica remotely on socrates or PANIC, you need an X-server software on your computer. On Windows, go to http://software.berkeley.edu/ and install Exceed. Click here for more detailed instructions by Adam Bryant, a 221A student back in Fall 2004. If you know of a better/updated method, let me know.

  • On Macs, you can install X11 from system disks (see instructions). Then login to socrates with an option
      % ssh -X username@socrates.berkeley.edu
    to enable X11 forwarding over the secure channel.

  • On Linux and other Unix machines, X11 must be a part of the standard installation. Login to socrates the same way as on Macs.

  • Mathematica version 3.0 on socrates needs special fonts. Before you login, type
      % xset fp+ tcp/socrates.berkeley.edu:7100
    in your X-windows software (e.g., Exceed or X11) to use the font server on socrates. Despite the warning on fonts (just click OK), it seems to work fine. Mathematica version 5.0 on PANIC does not require a particular setup on your end.

    After logging in with X11 forwarding, type

      % mathematica &
    to start a Mathematica session.

  • To print from Mathematica, probably the easiest is to install MathReader on your PC, scp or sftp your notebook file to your PC, open it with MathReader, and print it from there.

    Another way is to use Mathematica on socrates, go to File menu and choose Print. A dialog box appears:

    For Print Destination, choose File and specify the filename. Make sure that "Include Mathematica fonts in document" is chosen. Click OK and the notebook is saved as a postscript file. A postscript file can be previewed with

    % gv xxx.ps
    To print it from your PC, convert it to a PDF file with
    % ps2pdf xxx.ps
    and then scp or sftp the file xxx.pdf to your hard drive, open it with Acrobat Reader, and then print. To print only the graphics (or just one cell in general), choose the cell by clicking the blue square bracket on the right, go to File menu → Save Selection As → EPS → give a filename xxx.ps, and the rest is the same.
  • Daniel Larson, my former student and currently a lecturer at Harvard, wrote a sample notebook to get you started with Mathematica. You are not required to use Mathematica in this course, but I will post solution sets in Mathematica notebooks and design problems assuming you will be using Mathematica. I suspect Maple would do probably fine. I am less sure with Matlab, especially in the area of algebra. Share your stories with us!

    Important Information