Standard Model I (229A)
Fall 1999
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

Class ends on Dec 3 (Fri). Take-home final will be handed out on Nov 24 (Wed), and will be due on Dec 10 (Fri).

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This course introduces quantum field theory with a special emphasis on quantum electrodynamics (QED). QED is probably the most precisely tested physical theory verified down to the 12th digit of electron magnetic moment, and is relevant to broad areas of physics such as atmoic, nuclear, particle physics and astrophysics.
Lectures:                        Mon Fri 12:30-2:00 (430 Birge)
Discussion section:    Fri 3:00-4:00 (7 Evans)
Homeworks:                 weekly, due Fridays' class
Instructor:                    Hitoshi Murayama
Phone:                            2-1019, 486-5589 (LBNL)
Office:                             447 Birge, 50-5056E (LBNL)
Office Hour:                  Fri, 2-3 in 447 Birge
221AB or equivalent and familiarity with special relativity. Concurrent enrollment in 226 recommended.

Course Outline
Why Quantum Field Theory?
Equivalence of quantized Schrödinger field and conventional quantum mechanics
Brief review of special relativity
Canonical quantization of scalar fields
Dirac equation and its canonical quantization
Canonical quantization of the electromagnetic (Maxwell) field
Perturbation theory
Sample processes in quantum electrodynamics
Radiative corrections and renormalization
Renormalization group methods
Primary Textbook