Quantum Field Theory

Spring 2007

Solution to HW #7 posted

Misc Notes on Clifford Algebra (gamma matrices), tensor product and direct sum, steepest descent, Lorentz (Poincaré) symmetry, and FP ghosts (incomplete) and anomalies (incomplete)

Class Schedules
Lectures: Tue Thu 9:30-11:00, 402 LeConte
Discussion sections: Fri 2:00-3:00, 402 LeConte
Homeworks: bi-weekly, due Tuesdays by the class
Exams: take-home
Instructor: Hitoshi Murayama
E-mail: hitoshi at berkeley.edu
Phone: 2-1019 (no voice machine), 486-6659 (LBNL, with voice machine)
Office: 411 Old LeConte Hall, 50A-5104D (LBNL)
Office Hours: Tue 11-12
GSI: Frank Tackmann
E-mail: ftackmann at berkeley.edu
Phone: ???, 486-4351 (LBNL, with voice machine)
Office: ??? Old LeConte Hall, 50-5047 (LBNL)

229A or equivalent

Course Outline
Quantum Field Theory is an essential basis for particle physics as well as condensed matter physics. The course builds on 229A taught by Mahiko Suzuki in Fall 2005 semester, which basicaly covered Part I of Peskin and Schroeder with additional materials. This course covers much of Part II and III, minus what had already been covered in 229A.
Relevant Articles and Books

Homework and Exam Problems
Some notes
  • Notes on regularization
  • Notes on Generalized Phase Space
  • Notes on Field Theory Techniques on Spin Systems
  • Notes on Contour Integrals
  • Notes on Clifford Algebra (namely gamma matrices and spinors in various dimensions)
  • Notes on Tensor product and direct sum
  • Notes on Steepest Descent Method
  • Notes on Lorentz-covariant spectrum of single-particle states and their field theory
  • Notes on Faddeev-Popov ghosts (incomplete)
  • Notes on anomalies (incomplete)