Standard Model II (229B)
Spring 2000
Introduction to Standard Model

Make up classes on April 26 (Wed) and May 3, 12:30 pm, 375 Le Conte.

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Homeworks, Handouts

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This course introduces Standard Model of particle physics. It introduces basic facts about strong and weak interactions, and their descriptions in the framework of non-abelian gauge theories.
Lectures:                        Mon Fri 12:30-2:00 (430 Birge)
Homeworks:                 weekly, due Fridays' class
Instructor:                    Hitoshi Murayama
Phone:                            2-1019, 486-5589 (LBNL)
Office:                             447 Birge, 50-5056E (LBNL)
Discussion section:    Wed 10-11, 331 LeConte, Fri 2-3, 335 LeConte
229A. 226 recommended.

Course Outline
Strong Interaction
Weak Interaction
Standard Model
Beyond the Standard Model
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References on Strong Interaction

Articles referred to in the class
Feb. 4
Feb. 7
Feb. 11, 14
Feb. 25