Quantum Mechanics II

Spring 2005

Good Job, Everybody!

Final Exam Solution posted

Lecture notes on spontaneous symmetry breaking, and Dirac equation posted

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This course is a continuation of 221A in Fall 2004 Semester. It introduces more advanced aspects of Quantum Mechanics.
Lectures: Mon Wed Fri 9:00-10:00, 3 LeConte
Discussion section: Tu 3-4 (175 Barrows), Wed 2-3 (71 Evans)
Homeworks: weekly, due Fridays, 4pm
Exams: one Midterm, one Final
Instructor: Hitoshi Murayama
E-mail: murayama at physics
Phone: 2-1019 (no voice machine), 486-5589 (LBNL, with voice machine)
Office: 447 Birge, 50A-5109 (LBNL)
Office Hours: Fri 10:10-11:50
TA: Mattew Cargo
E-mail: mcargo at berkeley
Phone: N/A
Office: 443 Birge
Office Hours: Wed 3-4, Thu 2-3


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Useful books

Lecture Notes

Homeworks and Exams

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