129A (Fall 1997)

Here are homework problems and handouts in Adobe Acrobat format.

HW #1
HW #2
HW #3
HW #4
HW #5
HW #6
HW #7, solutions
HW #8, correspondence with Jennifer, further correspondence with Jennifer, solutions
HW #9, solutions

A brief introduction to tensor calculus
Formulae for cross section, lifetime, partial widths, phase space, etc
Solutions to the Dirac equation
QED Feynman rules and e+ e- -> mu+ mu-

Take-home Midterm
Additional comments on Midterm problems
Take-home Midterm solutions
Additional comments on Midterm solutions

Towards the Final
Questions from Jonathan

Interesting links
Fermilab (Illinois)
CERN (Switzerland/France)
SLAC (Stanford)
KEK (Japan)
Particle Data Group (Berkeley)