Standard Model III

Early Universe

Fall 2005

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Class Schedules
Lectures: Mon Fri 12:30-2:00, 430 Birge
Homeworks: bi-weekly, due Fridays, 4pm
Exams: none
Instructor: Hitoshi Murayama
E-mail: murayama at
Phone: 2-1019 (no voice machine), 486-5589 (LBNL, with voice machine)
Office: 447 Birge, 50A-5109 (LBNL)
Office Hours: TBA

221AB, 209, 211 or equivalent

Course Outline
Early Universe is where particle physics and astrophysics meet. In this course, we introduce the standard cosmology, its deficiencies, and its connection to particle physics. It will cover inflation, Big-Bang nucleosynthesis, dark matter, baryogenesis, and limits on various scenarios beyond the standard model physics.
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