The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics

Robert N. Cahn and Gerson Goldhaber

This is an excellent book by local particle physicists. The first edition is out of print, but you may be able to find it in a library. They are currently working on the 2nd edition. It will be published in December 2003 from Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521521475. By the generocity of authors, I can make the draft of the new book available to you. Each chapter is posted here as a PDF file. Because of copy right issues, only students in 129A can access the page. Don't let others know the username and password. The book will include reprints of original papers, but the PDF files below do not include them. The original papers can be found in Physics Library.

Chapter 1 The atom completed and a new particle
Chapter 2 The muon and the pion
Chapter 3 Strangeness
Chapter 4 Antibaryons
Chapter 5 The resonances
Chapter 6 Weak interactions
Chapter 7 The neutral kaon system
Chapter 8 The structure of the nucleon
Chapter 9 The J/psi, the tau, and charm
Chapter 10 Quarks, gluons, and jets
Chapter 11 The fifth quark
Chapter 12 From neutral currents to weak vector bosons
Chapter 13 Testing the Standard Model
Chapter 14 Top Quark
Chapter 15 B-Bbar Mixing and CP Violation
Chapter 16 Neutrino Masses and Oscillations
Chapter 17 Future Colliders
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