From Colliders to Cosmos

Fall 2007

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Class Schedules
Lectures: Mon Fri 12:30-2:00, 402 LeConte
No Discussion sections
Homework: For letter grades, bi-weekly, due Mondays by class For pass/fail, homework optional
Exams: For letter grades, no exam beyond homework For pass/fail, an interview
Instructor: Hitoshi Murayama
E-mail: hitoshi at
Phone: 2-1019 (no voice machine), 486-6659 (LBNL, with voice machine)
Office: 411 Old LeConte Hall, 50A-5104D (LBNL)
Office Hours: TBD

229AB or equivalent

Course Outline
This course introduces basic collider physics starting with the basic reactions in older e+e- colliders. It will then discuss electroweak symmetry breaking at collider experiments. Next it introduces various scenarios of new physics at the TeV energy scale, and discusses their consequences at future colliders. Finally it will cover the connection between the collider physics and cosmology.
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