Supersymmetry Phenomenology

Reviews, Talks
Flavor in supersymmetry (PDF, 2.0MB)
This lecture was given at TASI 2000, Flaovor Physics in the New Millennium, July, 2000, Boulder, Colorado. It reviews supersymmetry and emphasizes its flavor physics aspects.
Supersymmetry (Slide Show)
Talk given at American Association for Advancement of Science meeting, symposium "The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics", San Francisco, February 2001.
Supersymmetry Phenomenology
This is a very pedagogical review of supersymmetry phenomenology, given at ICTP Summer School in 1999, aimed mostly at students who had never studied supersymmetry before. It starts with an analogy that the reason why supersymmetry is needed is similar to the reason why the positron exists. It introduces the construction of supersymmetric Lagrangians in a practical way. The low-energy constraints, renormalization-group analyses, collider phenomenology, and frameworks of mediating supersymmetry breaking are briefly discussed.
(Lectures at Summer School on Particle Physics at Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, Summer 1999)
Probing physics at short distances with supersymmetry
We discuss the prospect of studying physics at short distances, such as Planck length or GUT scale, using supersymmetry as a probe. Supersymmetry breaking parameters contain information on all physics below the scale where they are induced. We will gain insights into grand unification (or in some cases string theory) and its symmetry breaking pattern combining measurements of gauge coupling constants, gaugino masses and scalar masses. Once the superparticle masses are known, it removes the main uncertainty in the analysis of proton decay, flavor violation and electric dipole moments. We will be able to discuss the consequence of flavor physics at short distances quantitatively.
Contribution to 'Perspectives on Supersymmetry', World Scientific, Editor G. Kane.