Physics at e+ e- Linear Collider

There are serious interests in building an electron position linear collider for every 8 hours time zones: US, Europe, and Japan, to explore physics of electroweak symmetry breaking and beyond. Here are some contributions of myself and links to other sites.

Reviews, Talks
"Physics Prospects ---Why do we want a Linear Collider?--"
The need to understand physics of electroweak symmetry breaking is reviewed. An electron positron linear collider will play crucial roles in that respect. It is discussed how the LHC and a linear collider need each other to understand symmetry breaking mechanism unambiguously. Two popular scenarios, supersymmetry and technicolor-like models, are used to demonstrate this point.
"Physics Opportunities of e+ e- Linear Colliders" by Hitoshi Murayama and Michael E. Peskin
We describe the anticipated experimental program of an $\ee$ linear collider in the energy region 500 GeV--1.5 TeV, emphasizing topics relevant to the mystery of electroweak symmetry breaking.

Research Papers
Precision Study of Supersymmetry at Future Linear $e^+ e^-$ Colliders (Figures) by Toshifumi Tsukamoto, Keisuke Fujii, Hitoshi Murayama, Masahiro Yamaguchi, and Yasuhiro Okada
We discuss a possible strategy for supersymmetry searches and studies at future linear $e^+e^-$ colliders. We demonstrate their effectiveness by Monte Carlo analyses with full angular correlations under realistic experimental conditions including initial state radiation and beamstrahlung effects. The importance of precision measurements of supersymmetry parameters is emphasized. We demonstrate that the precision on mass measurements can be as good as 1~\% for leptonic and 3~\% for hadronic final states. A detailed study on the first superparticle alone gives us an upper bound on the next superparticle. We can also test the basic mass relations assumed in grand unified models or supergravity, such as the gaugino mass relations or the universal scalar mass assumption in a variety of ways. The polarized electron beam plays a crucial role in this study.

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