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P5 (Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel) reports to HEPAP (High-Energy Physics Advisory Panel) that advises High-Energy Physics of DOE Office of Science and Division of Physics of NSF. We will build on the “Snowmass” community study to hash out priorities for the next 10 years within 20-year context.


The charge to P5 was issued by Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Director of Office of Science, Department of Energy, and Dr. Sean L. Jones, Assistant Director, Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Science Foundation, to the HEPAP chair JoAnne Hewett on November 2, 2022


The five overlapping P's follow the color scheme of five rings in the Olympics rings, conveying the global nature of the field, as well as the overlapping nature of our science. Even though the Olympics rings represent only five continents (Eurasia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia), we make sure to include projects in the Antartica as well, such as CMB and Icecube.


Town Halls

We will have four town hall meetings with people in the community to give short presentations on issues, visions, science, projects of interest to the field, including an open-mic session. If people want to speak privately with the panel, we will try to accommodate the request as much as we can, especially for early career scientists. They are not tied to any specific Snowmass frontiers.

In addition, we will have a set of invited talks at the meetings cenetered around some of the Snowmass frontiers, on the visions of the communities and specific set of projects. This is an important part of the information gathering mode for the panel.

We plan for two additional virtual town halls to receive more input from the community.

Hybrid Town Halls

Virtual Town Halls


Previous P5 Reports

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Panel Members

Cost Committee

We thank all national laboratories for providing their personnel for this activity.

  • Jay Marx (Caltech), chair
  • Gil Gilchriese, Matthaeus Leitner (LBNL)
  • Giorgio Apollinari, Doug Glenzinski (Fermilab)
  • Norbert Holtkamp, Mark Reichanandter, Nadine Kurita (SLAC)
  • Jon Kotcher, Srini Rajagopalan (BNL)
  • Allison Lung (JLab)
  • Harry Weerts (Argonne)

hitoshi at berkeley.edu
  • Phone (510) 486 6659, Campus phone (510) 642-1019
  • Location Bldg. 050-5056E (LBL), 411 Physics South Hall (Campus)