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The origin of neutrino mass (PDF or html)
New experimental data, which show that neutrinos have mass, are forcing theorists to revise the Standard Model of particle physics
Physics World, May 2002.
Origin of Neutrino Mass
(Lecture at International School of Nuclear Physics, 27th Course, "Neutrinos in Cosmology, in Astro, Particle, and Nuclear Physics," Erice, Sicily, 16-24 September, 2005.)
Big World of Little Neutrinos (PowerPoint)
This is the historic era in neutrino physics. I first review the properties of neutrinos and discuss why neutrino masses are interesting probes to physics beyond the Standard Model. Then I discuss how we have recently learned that they do have tiny mass and will learn in the near future to settle the remaining issues. Finally I argue that neutrino masses may well be relevant to the question "why we exist" in our universe.
(Aspen Center for Physics Colloquium, June 6, 2007)

Oscillation Parameter Plots

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PDG 2014

Updated with data from Daya Bay, MINOS, T2K, ICARUS, and OPERA. EPS version is here.
All experiments. References for the data used in the plots. For grayscale printing, get a version with hatches in JPEG or EPS.
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