Dark Matter and Dark Energy


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Table of Contents

Dark Matter and Dark Energy


Brief review of standard cosmology

The Isotropic Universe

The Cosmological Principle

Friedman Equation

Structure Formation

Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis

Thermo-Nuclear Fusion in Early Universe


Observational evidence for Dark Matter

Theoretical Arguments for Dark Matter

Galactic Dark Matter

Galactic Dark Matter

MAssive Compact Halo Objects (MACHOs)

Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters

Cosmic Microwave Background

Observational evidence for Dark Energy

Type-IA Supernovae

Type-IA Supernovae

Type-IA Supernovae

Cosmic Concordance

Constraint on Dark Energy

Particle-physics implications

Particle Dark Matter

Particle Dark Matter

Embarrassment with Dark Energy


Cosmic Coincidence Problem


Author: Hitoshi Murayama

Email: murayama@physics.berkeley.edu

Home Page: http://hitoshi.berkeley.edu

Other information:
presentation for 290E seminars "Dark Matter and Dark Energy" on September 5, 2001

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