Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 23:08:52 -0700
From: Adam D. Bryant

Hi Daniel,

I was the guy in 221A discussion today trying to explain how to set up
SSH and Exceed on Windows in order to run Mathematica from Socrates.  I
thought I'd write up the steps that made it work (for me anyway), in
case anyone else asks:

1) install an ssh program, e.g. Putty (cause it's free) --

2) install Exceed (from

To set up Exceed to use the font server for Mathematica fonts,
click Start --> Hummingbird Connectivity V9.0 --> Exceed --> Xconfig

Then click Font Management

Click the Edit button under the Fonts tab

Press the Add Font Server button

In the Host box, input, and change the Port to 7100

Click Okay a couple of times, click the green check mark to Validate
and Apply Changes, and close the Xconfig tool 

3) start up Exceed by clicking Start --> Hummingbird Connectivity V9.0
--> Exceed --> Exceed  (this program will just run in the background and
manage your X windows)

4) click on the Putty icon wherever you downloaded it

5) on the Session screen, enter in the Host Name
box, and make sure SSH is selected as the protocol

6) in the categories at the left, click on Tunnels under Connection and SSH

7) check the box to Enable X11 forwarding

8) you can save these settings on the Session screen

9) click Open, and say Yes or Okay when your ssh program gives you an
ominous warning message the first time you connect to a server

10) it should connect and prompt for your username and password

11) typing "mathematica &" should open mathematica complete with graphics

Hope this helps.